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All you need to know about Mrs. Warren’s book

Madi Womack, Staff Writer

She didn't want to write about Emmett Till, but she did because God was telling her to.

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Cooking up changes in the grill

Madi Womack, Staff Writer

Students have expressed many opinions about Washington School, but the main topic that is talked about is the grill. Beverly Williams manages the grill and a lot of students had questions for her. Williams was very n...

March 221 Comment

A Ray of Positivity

Madi Womack, Staff Writer

William Ray has been a math teacher at Washington School for a couple years now, but he recently became the high school principal. Instead of being stressed or upset, he has a positive attitude thanks to a book he recently read.

March 21No Comments

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The truth about grieving

Kathleen Forman, Editor-in-Chief

All it takes is one Google search of the word grief to find dozens of articles about what grief means and that every person grieving has to go through five stages.

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La La Land Movie Review

Diana Barber, Staff Writer

I have been wanting to see La La Land ever since the commercials came out. All I have heard is great reviews and being a HUGE Emma Stone fan, I knew I had to see this. If you’re one of those people who can'...

February 28No Comments

A Letter to the Teacher Who Inspired Me

February 17

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  • The truth about grieving

    Two things never fail to occur in a person's life; love and death. It should be basic human right to experience these because they both incite strong ...

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    Kendall McKinnon, a 9th-grader at Washington, is possibly the biggest bookworm a person will ever meet. She was named top reader in her fifth-grade ye...

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    Trish Van is a freshman who has never said more than ten words in Mrs. Smith’s English class but she becomes a different person when talking abo...

  • Living it up for the Weekend

    After a long, tiring week of school work, everybody is just ready to leave on Friday. When the 3:00 p.m. bell strikes, Juniors and Seniors pile up...

  • Naked 2 Looks for Different Eye Colors

    The journalism crew at Washington School tested out four different eyeshadow looks for four different eye colors using the Naked 2 Palette from Urban ...

  • Test Anxiety Hacks

    Exams will be coming soon and the ACT is on lots of people’s minds so, test anxiety tends to hit a lot of students. Test anxiety affects everyone at...

  • 13 New Books Coming Out in 2017

    1: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour According to, Marin, college freshmen, decides rather than going home, she’ll stay in her empty d...

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