Naked 2 Looks for Different Eye Colors

Erin Murabito and Grayce Redwine

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The journalism crew at Washington School tested out four different eyeshadow looks for four different eye colors using the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay.

Starting with the blue eyes, we took the color Suspect and used that on the inner lid. Moving outwards, we used Snakebite on the outer lid color and blended that to where it transitioned smoothly across. Moving up to the crease, we used the color Tease with a layer of YDK on top to give it a shimmery but subtle look. To blend the crease into the rest of the upper eyelid we used Foxy as the transition shade. As a highlight, we used the color Booty call and put that under the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye. Finally, on the outer corner of the eye, we used the color Blackout and blended that into Snakebite. This color should go where your eyeliner goes.

We did a much simpler look for the green eyes. We started off with YDK on the lid and the color Busted on the outer lid and blended those two together. for the crease, we brought the color Busted up a little and mixed that with Tease on the inner crease. Foxy took up the space between the crease and the brow bone; and we finished up the lid with Bootycall. Under the eye, we applied Busted on the outer lower lash line, and Suspect on the inner lash line. We swiped Verve on the area of the inner eye to highlight it and to give it a metallic finish.

On to brown eyes! This is a silver, smokey eye look. For a majority of the lid, we put  on Pistol and blended that into the outer lid with Verve. We took Tease and blended that into a darker shade. (We used Busted but the color Blackout works well, too.) For the brow bone highlight, we put on the shade Foxy. On the inner eye highlight and on your inner lower lash line we used a mixture of Pistol and Verve and then blended that into Busted which we put on the outer lower lash line. Something to spice up this look is using a silvery highlight and put it on the water line of the eye.

Last, we did the hazel eyes eyeshadow. For the lid base, we used the color Half Baked and patted it into the lid. We used Chopper on the upper lid and for the crease we used Tease and,of course, blended those together. The inner corner shade was Bootycall and the highlight on the brow bone was Foxy. On the lower lash line, we used Half Baked as the inner shade and blended that YDK which we used as a transition shade then blended with Busted on the outer lash line. On the water line, we took a very fine tipped brush and carefully lined the waterline with Blackout, then used liquid liner for a sharp wing.
All of these looks were super fun to experiment with and creating them was so easy! These could be used for a simple “going-to-school” look or you could make it a Prom night look with some lashes and eyeliner.

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Naked 2 Looks for Different Eye Colors