Cooking up changes in the grill

Madi Womack, Staff Writer

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Students have expressed many opinions about Washington School, but the main topic that is talked about is the grill.

Beverly Williams manages the grill and a lot of students had questions for her. Williams was very nice and open to changes being made based on the opinions of the student body. The rise in prices at Washington School has been a very big concern to everyone. She says that Washington did not increase the prices, but Sodexo owns the grill so they are in charge of all the prices in the grill.

Students have said that with the rise of prices there should be bigger portions, and she said she would see what they could do about bigger portions. She hopes that changes will be coming soon.

All year students have been wondering if the utensils are free, or if not what do they cost. Mrs. Beverly said that they are free if you purchase them with food, but they cost 25 cents if that is all you get from the grill. Two of the main complaints have been about the grill closing early, and the very small options of fresher options of  foods. “We’ll make sure they stay open until the bell rings.” said Mrs. Beverly about the grill closing early, and that she was unaware of that. She said that she wants to make everyone happy so changes will be coming soon.

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  1. Adeline on March 24th, 2017 2:50 pm

    WHOOP WHOOP! i wish our school had a website like this!!


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Cooking up changes in the grill